Based in Quebec, Canada, LCL-Bridge specializes in the design, manufacture and production of new and retro-fit precision products for a broad range of structures, which include; bridges, viaducts, stadiums, dams, off-shore platforms and high rise buildings. LCL's product range consists of high quality cost effective bearings, expansion joints and seismic devices. Many years of intensive Research and Development has resulted in a range of innovative isolation products such as Shock Transmission Units (STU) and Shock Damping Units (SDU).

The Company operates some 51,000 sq. ft. of production floor space in two Montreal locations; Lachine (15,000 sq. ft.) and Laval (36,000 sq. ft.), this latter facility is operated jointly with Olympia and has ISO 9001 approval. In addition the company operates specialist CNC machinery as well as MIG, TIG and aluminium welding fabrication equipment. Design and engineering support services are also provided to consultant firms and contractors. These services enable precise design solutions for each product in the context of each installation's requirements.

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