LCL's Elastomeric Bearings have been designed to be very easy to install, maintenance-free and cost-effective. The product has been successfully used in a broad range of applications which include: bridges, viaducts, high rise buildings, stadiums and dams.

The use of natural rubber, or neoprene, in the elastomeric bearing has enabled it to dominated the bridge Industry because of the material's flexibility over a range of applications. Such applications include anti-vibration mounts for machinery, dampers for bridges and buildings, and noise insulation for buildings. In regions of the world which are prone to earthquakes or significant seismic events, LCL's Elastomeric Bearings are designed to act as dampers which help prevent structural failure. The bearings are also commonly used to inhibit the transmission of vibration through large structures, such as road ways in close proximity with, or connected to, sensitive structures.

Natural rubber is used where applications require its superior physical and mechanical characteristics in cold weather climates and its very high damping coefficient in zones of high seismic activity. Neoprene is used in applications where oil and ozone resistance is required.

The Elastomeric Bearing is manufactured through the process of interleaving, and then hot vulcanizing, steel shims with rubber layers. The resultant laminated Elastomeric Bearing pad accommodates linear structural movements through the its ability to sustain shear deformation, and rotational movements because of the bearing's ability to sustain compression deformation.

In applications where there are large linear movements the most cost effective solution is to deploy a two part bearing assembly. This assembly features, on the bottom, an Elastomeric laminated Bearing which has a Teflon (PTFE) sheet moulded to its top surface, and on the top, a mirror-finished stainless steel plate.

The combination of using highest quality elastomer coupled with the know-how and expertise for moulding techniques make LCL's Elastomeric Bearings very durable and reliable.